Weekly Challenge

It is so easy to get bogged down in the monotony of life. Between the work, cooking, cleaning, kids, family, friends, spouse… where is the time to focus on you? When was the last time you did something good for your body? Went on a run, had a shot of wheat grass, got a massage? When was the last time you stimulated your mind? Read a good book, wrote a research paper, listened to a lecture? And what about your spirit? Have you been reading your bible, devotional, praying, or memorizing scripture? On this page I will be posting weekly challenges in one of these three areas, body, mind, or spirit. This will give you a little motivation and encouragement to focus on those parts of life that are truly important, though they are often overlooked.


“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” -Plato 


“Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind.” -Thomas Jefferson

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Here is my Creed. I believe in one God, the Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by His Providence. That He ought to be worshipped.” Benjamin Franklin

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Are you ready? Watch for the first challenge within the next few days.

In Praise of Great Authors

For those literary junkies who love classic literature I am posting the archives of the musings of a wonderful book club. After reading such amazing authors as Austin, Bronte, Dickens and many more, we felt compelled to jot down our thoughts and inspirations. You are all, of course, welcome to peruse the pages, and if you have any poems or thoughts on these works then send them my way. Happy reading!

A Proper Role Model

Watch Kylie Bisutti Interview

There are some things in this world that just warm my spirit because I feel that I am not alone in my ideals or beliefs. It just so happens that some people’s voices are heard much louder because they have one of those coveted spots in the limelight. Why is it that those spots are always taken by those who will not do anything beneficial with it? I retract that statement. Those spots are almost always taken by the average celebrity.

Not in the case of Kylie Bisutti. After accomplishing the top goal of every super model in her acquisition of Victoria’s Secret wings, she steps down. Kylie claims that she has been convicted by her growing relationship with the Lord and her desire to be a better example to young girls. What a wonderful statement!

After reading this story I became so encouraged. There is a girl God will honor for her actions. I am not saying that modeling is a sin or anything like that; Lord knows I would like to give it a shot. But Kylie was in a position of authority, where the media was all over her, and she chose to direct the attention away from herself and toward the Lord. She is the kind of role models young girls should be looking to; one who is motivated, confident, unashamed of her faith, and willing to stand up for her beliefs.

A Truth of My Own

What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do, not what I am to know, except insofar as a certain understanding must precede every action. The thing is to understand myself, to see what God really wishes me to do; the thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live and die. What would be the use of discovering so called objective truth, of working through all the symptoms of philosophy and of being able if required, to review them all and show up the inconsistencies within each system; – what good would it do me to be able to develop a theory of the state and combine all the details into a single whole, and so construct a world in which I did not live, but only held up to the view of others; – what good would it do me to be able to explain the meaning of Christianity if it had no deeper significance for me and for my life; – what good would it do me if truth stood before me, cold and naked, not caring whether I recognized her or not, and producing in me a shudder of fear rather than a trusting devotion? I certainly do not deny that I still recognize an imperative of understanding and that through it one can work upon men, but it must be taken up into my life, and that is what I now recognize as the most important thing.

– Soren Kierkegaard

It was a long time ago that I read this quote for the first time. The words resonated in my spirit in a way which is difficult to explain. It was in 1835 that this great philosopher penned these words upon the page. The world has changed vastly since then, yet I feel the same way. It is nothing to merely know the truth and do nothing about it. It is nothing to proclaim to others that you are a Christian without allowing those principals to take root in your life. Therefore this quote is acting like a catalyst within me, encouraging me to think and write down those ideas. Very often they will be the silly musings of a young girl, but sometimes I hope I will touch on points which will resound in another soul like this quote has within me.

A Nook

Well here I am, on the precipice of my first blog. I feel like the girl in Julia and Julia. Nervous, excited… and a little lost. I have been jotting down all my reasons for wanting to start a blog, so as to focus my attention in one area. I think it is going to take me some time to whittle down all of my thoughts, ideas, and passions to form a concrete thesis. All I know is, I have inspiration burning inside and it needs an outlet. “Nook” is defined as “a corner or recess offering seclusion or security”. This is my starting place. This page will be my recess of security, and I hope to provide an environment in which others can feel the same way.